About Rolling Stills

Ange Coote - Photographer & Director


Ange has always been a creative storyteller. She fell in love with art and photography at a young age and graduated from Curtin with top marks in design in 2009. Everything fell into place when she started shooting weddings and portraiture. Capturing love and people is her greatest passion, whether it’s in a studio or in a beautiful location.


Ange grew up on a family farm outside of Perth. When she isn’t shooting she’s riding horses and exploring the beauty of the Kimberly. Her family is made up of her artist husband Jacob and a small army of animals; including a french bulldog named Banjo, a kelpie and a horse named Mambo.


Chasing light and creating stunning portraits is Ange’s forté. She’s a calm force in the fast pace of wedding days and wholly dedicated to not just capturing precious moments but connecting to those in front of her lens.

Oliver Oldroyd - Director & Cinematographer


Oli is an award winning cinematographer. After graduating with a degree in broadcasting and digital technology he began producing wedding and commercial videos in London. Later he worked as a camera operator for the BBC before chasing his dreams to Australia. He’s been making cinematic films for big companies and for weddings ever since.


Whether Oli’s shooting the landscapes of the Kimberley from a helicopter, or filming whalesharks beneath the ocean , to documenting untouched beauty on remote islands in Papua New Guinea, to producing tailored wedding films in Perth; his great love for adventure and wonder lives throughout his work.


Story is at the heart of the films Oli produces. His passion lies in not just documenting the day of a wedding, but telling the unique stories of the connections, the love and the people.

Jacob Butler - Live Artist


Jacob Butler, or Shakey, is a young artist based in Fremantle. He works with acrylics, oils, aerosol and pastels to create incredible murals, portraits and paintings. His work can be seen across Perth and Fremantle.


Jacob was born with an essential tremor, but instead of holding him back from creating it has become a vital influence on his free-flowing, unique style of painting. It also led to the name Shakey. He was raised in the Goldfields of WA but spent much of his youth in Italy sketching the portraits of the characters he met along his path. He is still inspired by people, by painting them in ways that show not only how they look but who they are. He is currently working on a solo exhibition.


Jacob and Ange were married in 2017 on the farm where Ange grew up. Jacob is often Ange’s second shooter on weddings and they combine their immense love of art and photography in creative collaborations. 


For information about Shakey’s events, check out the Live Art section.

The Beginning


It all began on the adventure cruise ship True North in the Kimberleys. Oli was working as videographer onboard and Ange was brought on to shoot stills. Oli noticed the camera bag on her back and so began the first endless conversation about photography, filmmaking and the power of storytelling. 


While shooting the beauty of the Kimberleys they became enamoured with the way the other worked. The way Ange saw the intricacies of light and made those she was shooting laugh. The way Oli worked tirelessly and passionately to capture extraordinary footage. They shared passions for adventure and love and telling stories through their cameras. By the end of the two weeks they produced a film from their content that fully captured the magic of that very first trip.


The seed was sown. They realised that between them they could really make something special. And so, Rolling Stills was born.