Wedge Island Wedding
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Thursday, July 13, 2017
By Rolling Stills
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The backdrop for this wedding film and photography collaboration was one not to forget- the beautiful Wedge Island. 

 Maria & Shane were good friends of live wedding artist Jacob ‘Shakey’ Butler.  Naturally Jake recommended they use Rolling Stills to capture their special day. 

 Wedge Island is a special place for Maria & Shane. They own one of the many residential ’shacks’ up there, which Shane - much to Ange and Oli’s amusement had named - ’The Sandy Fanny’. 

Shane had proposed in the dunes of Wedge several years earlier. When Oli asked Maria why they chose Wedge she replied, ‘Wedge is where we get back to ourselves’. A more than good enough reason to pick any wedding venue.

Being the passionate adventurers they are, Ange and Oli left Perth to camp up at Wedge two nights prior to the big day. They knew the images were going to be challenging but rewarding to capture. Making sure they were perfect was paramount to them. 

The ceremony went off beautifully - in about 40 knots of easterly breeze. Maria and Shane were absolute legends, posing patiently in the sand dunes whilst their eyeballs were getting sand blasted.

The long tracking steady cam shot that Oli captured as they arrived at the reception is one of his favourite wedding moments he’s captured to date. He managed to duck out the way just in time for Angie to photograph one of the happiest moments of the day.

A special bond was made that day – not just between Maria and Shane. Ange and Oli have since become great friends with the couple and regularly spend weekends relaxing up at the ‘Sandy Fanny’. Ange was really honoured to be asked to shoot portraits of Maria’s pregnancy and once she arrived - their beautiful baby Charley.


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